Car Cleaning Tips

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Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your car can be tricky at the best of times, and it is probably not a job you want to repeat too often. Here are a few tips to make your life that little bit easier.

Avoid cleaning in extreme heat:

If it’s excessively warm when you’re cleaning your car, you’ll have to work much quicker, as your vehicle will dry faster. This can be an overly frustrating situation, especially if the temperature is unbearable outside. Ivan of Georgesons added that there is another reason why you should avoid cleaning your car in extreme heat, which is that the chemicals in the products you use can be affected by both the heat and sunlight, and this could mean that the end result will not be as good as if you were to clean your car in moderate temperatures.

Do a pre-wash:

Before washing your car, it is a good idea to remove as much dirt as possible by using a pressure washer and a snow foam lance. The point of pre-washing the dirt off your car is to make sure that nothing is dragged along the paintwork while the car is being thoroughly cleaned.

Don’t use only one bucket:

As some drivers may not be aware, it is beneficial to use two buckets when you’re cleaning your car. One of the buckets should be used for the washing solution, and the other should be filled with water to rinse the wash mitt after being soaked in the solution. Be sure to place grit guards near the bottom of each bucket to catch the grime before using the wash mitt again.

Use specialist cloths to dry your car:

Some car owners will drive their cars immediately after washing them to help them dry off, but this is likely to affect the brakes and cause streaks of water on the paintwork as it drains away. By using a specialist triple-layered, microfibre cloth to dry your car, it is much more likely to look as good as new! Alternatively, using a blow dryer can be just as effective.

Clean the windscreen inside and out:

To get the best results, you need to clean both the inside and outside of the glass. You can use various glass-cleaning solutions, but what is more important is how you use them. To make sure that your car windows don’t have obvious streaks on them and that they are as shiny and clear as they can be, use a dry wash mitt to make sure that the windows don’t become glary from the washing solution.

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