Best Ways to Keep Your Car Safe from The Rain

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Rain can be damaging to your car. The paint and finish on your car wear away over years from water, especially so in areas with acid rain. There are numerous ways to keep your car safe from the rain, adding years to its lifespan. In this article, we will discuss some of these ways including shelter and a car cover.

Regular Monthly Waxing

Regular monthly waxing is an inexpensive way to keep your car safe from acid rain, scratches, and bugs. One added benefit to wax is the shine it gives your vehicle. Also, wax can help stop chipping of the paint.

Invest in a Cover

Go one step further than waxing and invest in a car cover. Fading of both the exterior and interior can be prevented with a cover, in addition to the safety, it provides during rain. Take some time to research what material cover is best for your area. California Car Cover Co. offers the best indoor car covers for all makes and models of vehicles with options for both custom-fit covers and their universal ready-fit.

Park Under Shelter

When you need to go out during the rain and are unable to use your cover, protect it from the elements of parking under shelters, such as a roof or carport. An awning or extended roof can be helpful during the rain also. A cover, carport, garage, or roof provides protection from more than just rain, but also hail, snow, and sun.

 Increased Awareness

While driving in the rain, visibility can be reduced resulting in hazardous situations. Although it may not be as bad as snow, rain can be just as dangerous to a car. Increase your awareness by focusing on the road. Moreover, to ensure other drivers see your car, turn your headlights on during rain.

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