How a Poor Car Maintenance can Lead to an Accident

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Vehicle health is imperative as your own health because a poorly maintained vehicle may put you and your family in halt. All automobiles need to be getting inspected once a year to make sure that it is in good operating condition and for its longer life. Car maintenance is not only done to ensure the safety of a driver and its passengers but also for the protection of other vehicles you allocate the road with. Besides these mandatory safety inspections, your vehicle may fall into a disrepair condition which causes accidents and injuries and you have to get assistance from a car accident lawyer in Kent for further help.

Careless Repair or Service of Your Vehicle

When you take your Car or any other vehicle out for service or maintenance, you make sure that the repairs will be done in an experienced and prudent manner. Some recent research shows that each year many car accidents are caused by a car dealer’s negligence or repair service station. Khan Law firm is recognized as the best Car accident lawyer in Kent and  they want to discuss some of the examples of the careless repairs or services of vehicles which can lead to serious personal injury accidents are following as:

  • Improper servicing or replacing of brakes, fluids, brake lines, pumps, etc can cause brake failure
  • Improper servicing or replacing of power steering mechanism, pumps, belts, fluids can lead to power steering failure
  • When a tire and rim is fixed slightly off in size while repairing, it can lead to tire or wheel failure and the injuries caused will be extremely severe or even fatal.

Vehicle Owner Negligence in Vehicle Maintenance

People who buy cars for traveling must maintain them in a prudent manner to ensure the wellbeing of its occupants and the folks whom you share the road with. Poor maintenance of a vehicle can pose threat to serious personal injury accidents or death.

Notice and Foreseen Ability of the Malfunction

When an owner of the vehicle is aware of a malfunction that will obstruct the safe operation of the vehicle and does not get it repaired quickly, then the subsequent accident caused by this malfunction will definitely cause the owner responsibility. Some instances of vehicle malfunction include:

  • Power steering malfunction:  when turning the tire causes a shrill noise and a grinding constriction, a loss of steering pressure or leakage of power steering fluid on the road over a period of time.
  • Brake failure: When there is a loud screeching or grinding noise while applying brakes, it can diminish the brake performance of your vehicle and even may pull your vehicle to one side when braking your vehicle.
  • The overlooking of any warning lights or dashboard service for an unreasonable period of time.
  • When the owner fails to have a factory recall corrected after receiving the proper notice of said recall.

Injuries Caused by Malfunctioning Vehicles

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well we maintain our motor vehicles, a product defect can also cause a mechanical failure.

From the last few years, Khan Law firm has been representing the injured throughout the WA state. Whenever you want a tough lawyer to take on the distributors or manufacturers of faulty car parts and making them responsible for the injuries their defective products have caused.

At Khan Law firm office, our attorneys work with accident reconstructionists, engineers and other experts to examine every aspect of the accident. A review of all accident reports, viewing the accident scene, taking witness statements and viewing the vehicle parts and damage might be included in the accident investigation.

Some instances of auto vehicle defects, which can cause serious car accidents are:

  • Brake failure
  • Defective airbag
  • Seat belt failure
  • Defective Tires
  • Rollovers causing catastrophic roof crush
  • Fires caused by design flaws or defective parts

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If you think another driver has a fault in your accident or an automobile defect may have caused your car accident and injuries, you can contact us to converse with a knowledgeable attorney. Car accident Lawyer in Kent also helps people in settling their claims to ease their life after an accident to some extent.

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