Toyota Ropes Hispanic Influencers for New Environmental Awareness Program

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Toyota has been committed to environment and therefore the automaker has decided to offer and extend their services to US Hispanic community. Toyota said that Hispanics across the United States are very much aware about the environmental issues that the country has been going through and how they can resolve it gradually. However, the automaker is providing them with better tools that can allow them to improve their options in the real life.

Toyota announced that they are coming up with a new and special program that will help increase awareness about environment in the Hispanic community across the United States.

Toyota said that for the new program they are collaborating with various Hispanic figures that can have influence on the society. The automaker said that they are teaming up with Jon Secada, Chloe Bridges, Julian Gil, Candela Ferro, Ana Flores, Omar Germenos, Daniel Elbittar, Yarel Ramos, Gina Rodriguez and Diana Franco for better lifestyle practices. Toyota also said that this program is available on Twitter and Facebook and for all Toyota Prius Family. Toyota revealed that the program will also include all Toyota Prius Family vehicles and the innovative hybrid technology that has allowed Toyota Prius to be among the best cars in the world that offer better environment benefits.

Toyota also said that they believe that with the use of better green technology and influential people in the program they will be able to bring lot of changes in the Hispanic community across the US and improve things for the future.

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